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Thanks for your interest in Fun Fact! We hope your question is answered here. If not, CLICK HERE to ask us directly!


Q. How do I download Fun Fact?

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can click here to download Fun Fact.

Q. What do I do after downloading the app?

After you download the game, you can do the following:

  1. Create an account by tapping on the profile icon in the top right corner of the app homepage. 

  2. HOST a game of your own as outlined below OR 

  3. JOIN a game that one of your friends is hosting as outlined below.

Q. How do I begin playing?

You’ll need three or more people to play the game. It is after all, a guessing game! One person in your group will serve as the “HOST” and the others will select “JOIN A GAME” to participate.  

Q. How do I HOST a game?

  1. Choose the category deck that is best for your group and occasion and select “LET’S PLAY.”  

  2. Tap “INVITE YOUR FRIENDS” to select your contacts who you’d like to play with and share the Fun Fact link via text or email.

    1. For your friends who already have the app downloaded, the secret code will be automatically applied and the link will take them directly into the waiting room for the game. 

    2. For your friends who don’t have the app downloaded, the link will take them to the app store to download the game.  Once the app is downloaded, they need to select “JOIN A GAME” on the homepage and input the secret code that you provide.

  3. Once all the players are in the room, (you’ll see each of their icons), hit “START THE GAME.”

If you don’t want to use the “INVITE YOUR FRIENDS” feature, simply ask your friends to download the Fun Fact app, select “JOIN A GAME” on the homepage and give them the secret code. 

Q. How do I join a game? 

To join a game, select “JOIN A GAME” and then enter the secret code provided by the host of the game.

Q. Is Fun Fact available on Android?

No, Fun Fact is currently only available for iPhones and iPad… but it will be available on Android devices soon! Stay tuned!


Q. How does Fun Fact work?

Fun Fact has three simple steps: Join, Write, and Guess!

  1. Join. The game host selects a topic deck, gets a secret code, and shares it with other players. Players “JOIN A GAME” and input the secret code.

  2. Write. Fill in a blank with the truth about yourself or use one of our amazing prompts for inspiration.

  3. Guess! Match the fact with the player and earn points. The more rounds you play, the more chances you have to win.

Q. What are the rules for my fun fact? 


When it comes to writing your fun fact, there’s only one rule… it has to be true.  After all, a fact is something that is known to exist or has happened, a truth.  The sky’s the limit from there!


Q. How do I come up with my fun fact?


All of the category decks contain prompts related to the category which is essentially sentence starters or ideas to inspire your very own fun fact.  Feel free to select and complete any of the prompts. Use the green arrow at the bottom of the prompts to scroll through all of the options.  If you are feeling inspired on your own, feel free to fill in an entirely unique fun fact… we find the fun fact originals to be the most creative and the hardest to guess!


Q. Does everyone have their own fun fact?


Unless two people in a game share the same truth that they happen to reveal at the same time, all of the facts will be unique to the individual.  Prompts are displayed randomly and in a different order for each player so it’s unlikely two people in a single game will use the same prompt… but it’s fun if it happens!  And given that we have countless prompt options, the likelihood is that everyone will use a different prompt. 

Q. How do I win?

If you correctly match the fun fact with the player, you earn points.  The less likely your friends are to associate your fun fact with you, the more likely they are to guess incorrectly and earn a point for your fact. So… think creatively with your fun fact AND guess well to earn points.  

Q. How does the scoring functionality work? Are points saved to my profile?

For the first round, earn one point for every correct guess.  For the second round, earn two points for every correct guess. For the third round, earn three points for every guess. And so on….  When you start a new game, even with the same players, points are not saved and everyone gets a fresh start.

Q. How many people can play a game? 

You need a minimum of three people to play the game.  You can play with as many people as you want but it may be tricky to remember the facts with more than 15 players! 


Q. Do I have to create a profile?

No, you don’t have to create a profile unless you’re hosting a game.  If you simply want to join a game without creating a profile, you just have to put your name in. 

Q. What is my information in my account profile being used for?

Your account name and photo are used solely to identify you within the game. Your account profile is used to track your purchased decks. Your email address is only used if you have opted in to marketing.  CLICK HERE for our privacy policy.

Q. How do I share the game with friends?

You can share the game with friends in the following ways:

  1. Provide THIS LINK to the game in the app store.

  2. HOST a game and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS to join.

  3. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS to download the app in Game Settings.

Q. How do I provide feedback on the app?

We would love to hear from you! CLICK HERE to submit any feedback.

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